Accurate & consistent metadata.

SLIPGen divides and conquers by coordinating the indexing & capture processes and putting responsibility in the hands of the right people at the right time. Utilize distributed web-based document indexing to significantly enhance the speed and accuracy of your organization’s capture process.

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Save Time & Money

“SLIPGen lets our users expend a minimum amount of indexing effort yet still end up with a maximum amount of correct index data for every document. Our town has over 18,000 individual parcels and every document is indexed by Street Number, Street Name, Map, Lot, Block, Unit, Zone, Parcel ID, Location ID, Department, Doc Type, etc. The type-ahead and Auto-Fill features make creating a slip sheet fast and accurate. The scanning process is about simple as you can get – operators just scan into a single Laserfiche folder and SLIPGen takes over. This product has allowed us to leverage our technology investment – saving money and improving our productivity.”

Building & Assessors Departments
Shawn Macinness
IT Director


Who knows more about your documents than the people who deal with them every day? That is the person you want applying your index information. The web-based SLIPGen product makes it easy for staff to index documents anywhere. Users simply print the SLIPGen coversheet and attach it as the lead page of their document.


All of your staff may be experts at their respective jobs, but are not likely to be experts at the intricacies of operating a high speed scanner. Attention to detail is key to accurate scanning – with the focus on getting it done right the first time. By putting capture responsibility in the right hands at the right time, SLIPGen gives your organization the best opportunity for cost savings, efficiency and quality image capture.

SLIPGen In Action

Summit Financial Resources is one of the preeminent independent financial firms in the country. With over 250 professional and support staff and 17 locations throughout the northeast – data and document management is an everyday challenge!

“For the past 6 years, SLIPGen has allowedus to accurately capture and file over 1.2 million pages per year with only two scan operators. The operator’s sole task is to get everything to  single folder and SLIPGen and Laserfiche Workflow handles the rest! With SLIPGen, we are more productive than ever. Our staff spends less time shuffling paperwork and immediately finds what they need, when they need it. This has directly resulted in more time spent on revenue-generating activities and improved client service.

Our operational overhead costs are down – both in staff time and hardware expense. We’ve improved our overall data & document security. Even more importantly, we’ve improved the quality of our capture process operations.”

Summit Financial
Bernie Schagen
Financial Services Manager

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