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Small Business Advice: How to Keep Business Records and Documents Safe

May 11, 2022

In spite of technological advances, many businesses still depend on paper documents. As businesses grows, the accumulation of paper can add up to tens of thousands of documents of various kinds over the years. In some cases, documents of copies of documents are archived or stored offsite to save on office space. Some of those situations can be risky. Switching to electronic document management can ensure your business remains compliant and your documents are secure.

Immune from Wear and Tear

Paper is vulnerable to adverse climate conditions as well as wear and tear caused by frequent handling. It can get moist, soiled and even get destroyed in case of exposure to rain or snow. When you stored documents offsite, you have even lesser control, as the conditions might not be as favorable as in your own office. As digitally stored documents are not vulnerable to wear and tear, it is far better to store documents like customer data, contracts, and accounts etc. in a digital form.

Easy Backup and Continuity

In the event of a disaster, even computers and servers can malfunction or be destroyed completely. How would my documents stay secure in such a situation? It is very easy to back up documents locally or on the cloud. In case of a disaster, as soon as your computers and servers are back up, you can retrieve your documents in just a few clicks. This works out far cheaper “ and more secure “ than having to build your document archive all over again. In fact, you can easily create multiple copies/backups of all your electronic documents “ something which would be very expensive or almost impossible to do with paper documents.

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