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Momentum offers a solution that converts any type of document into a PDFA compliant document.  This is quickly becoming a need for many different government organizations across Pennsylvania and the country.

Momentum’s cost-effective solution utilizes Laserfiche and custom scripting to convert any document into PDFA-1a, PDF-2a, PDF-3a and more.

Common PDFA Compliance Questions

Want to understand the basics and mechanics behind PDFA Compliance? We’ve got you covered with the most common questions asked.

Is PDF as good as PDFA?

PDF is not the same as PDF/A (and does not meet the criteria of the PDF/A Policy), but you can create PDF/A with Microsoft Office 2007. First, see if you can create a PDF from your version of Microsoft Office (for example, open a Word document, select ˜Save As’ and see if PDF is available as an option). If not, you may need to download a separately available plug-in (Save-As-PDF) from the Microsoft website. Once you are able to save documents as PDF, create the PDF/A by selecting ˜Save As,’ then selecting ˜PDF’ as the format, then before saving click through the ˜Options’ to select ˜PDF/A Compliant. 

Can PDFA files contain copyright information, like TIFFs can?

Yes.  PDF/A gives you the ability to save metadata (such as the copyright) within the PDF/A document itself.  The method of adding metadata to a PDF/A is the same as adding it to a PDF. An online search for adding metadata to PDF will locate instructions.

Do you have to migrate up to each revision for the different types of PDFAs?

There are multiple versions of PDF/A, however the standard references only version PDF/A -1. No, you will not need to migrate to each, however PDF/A-1 is the only version approved by the standard.

Can PDF/A files be encrypted?

No. Encryption is not permitted in PDF/A files. PDF/A files are fully self-contained, meaning that everything required to read the file is contained within the file itself. If a file requires a password to open it, the password or the person who knows the password, or the digital key would be external to the PDF/A, which would no longer be self-contained. A good way to protect sensitive data in a PDF/A file is to password protect the folder or the machine that holds the PDF/A).

Do I have to use a content management system to store my PDFAs?

A content management system makes it easier to manage electronic documents, though the content management system must be maintained or migrated for as long as the documents themselves are  retained (making retention more complex). If the PDF/As are not going to be stored in such a system it is recommended that you name the documents using strict file naming standards that will help you find the documents later on. You can decide the naming convention yourself, but it is essential that it be written down and then used 100% of the time.

Why are PDFAs editable if the Security Preservation File is not supposed to be edited?

PDF/As are editable, but only if the user makes a conscious choice to enable editing.  The policy does not prohibit all editing but says (in 7.4.2) Security procedures must prevent unauthorized addition, modification or deletion of the Security Preservation File. and, in the definition of the ˜Security Preservation File’ (in 5.14): a copy of an electronic record that is stored in a secure manner so that it cannot be accessed except by a limited number of authorized users and only when no other copy of the document will suffice. In neither case does the policy prohibit the file from being edited.

Will future developments to the PDF/A standard make current PDF/A versions obsolete?

No. The ISO standard requires that all future PDF viewing applications be backward compatible so that they are capable of correctly displaying older versions of PDF/A.

Can PDF/A files contain an electronic signature?

Yes.  It is permitted to digitally sign PDF/A files.  Acrobat Professional can be used to digitally sign PDF/A files, and an online search will discover other tools, strategies and software solutions for signing PDF/A files electronically.  

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