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Business Process Automation: Think People First & Foremost

Dec 7, 2023

Business process automation is a staple for many businesses, powering up convenience, efficiency, standardization, and scalability. But as we enthusiastically embrace and implement our exciting ‘automated’ future, it’s crucial to remember one key element — people. Regardless of how streamlined, high-tech, or futuristic our processes become, people remain the backbone and real assets of our businesses.

Business process automation must focus on people first.

Is your process automation focusing on people first?

Business process automation involves leveraging technology to execute repetitive, standardized tasks that, in the past, required human input and action. Automating these tasks has provided businesses with the valuable gift of time—freeing employees from mundane tasks and empowering them to focus on core business initiatives. While automation is valuable and beneficial, we must remember that humans, our employees, and our customers are the most crucial assets involved in ongoing business success.

Humanizing business process automation (BPA) is not about pushing back against, or eschewing, technological advancements. Rather, it’s about integrating these advancements in a way that allows those humans, employees, and customers to value the benefits and embrace the ability to focus on more important tasks and projects. When we portray automation as a tool designed to help humans perform better, not to replace them, it’s more likely to be adopted.

Why does a people-first policy matter?

Why should businesses approach automation as a people-first project? Humans do business with other humans. We trust real people more than machines, value empathy, and shared beliefs, and appreciate being listened to and understood. We take notice of a personal touch in the form of an understanding email, well-wishing messaging, or a custom solution to our specific problems.

When automating processes, businesses need to maintain the “human face’ of operations. Customer service requires the human element, as do many business roles. While automated replies can address simple inquiries, “real people” responses to complex or sensitive issues are crucial.

People drive innovation and business process automation!

Who drives innovation? People. They offer a unique blend of empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking, which machines, no matter how advanced, can’t imitate. People-centric businesses are not only nurturing a better customer experience but also cultivating a more creative and innovative environment for their employees.

Business process automation should always be “people-centric.’ It must focus on creating processes and systems that treat people as people, not as another cog in the machine. We’re not just building better businesses; we’re striving to build better connections between humans, assisted and enabled by technology.

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